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from the AMV Breaking


AMV: Beautifully Broken
After the pain of making my last Utena AMV I never wanted to make another, and I still hold to that sentiment- the DVD quality is simply horrid. But it was hard to pass up this song. All four girls have issues and are "broken" in some way. I feel badly for Shiori- I think due to her insecurity and low self-esteem, she literally pines for someone magnificent to make her feel better. That's why I chose her opening shot at the locker, as if some magic within will finally redeem her. Anyway, I will not digress into a written analysis of this series and these relationships (at least not here!) so go see for yourself. (April 2006)


AMV: Valentine
Just up for Feb 14th of 2006! A special Valentine AMV featuring Maria Sama ga Miteru and Kannazuki no Miko. We should all be so lucky to have a pretty rich chick fall for us, lol.


AMV: Yuriseed
Deunan is so cool and totally kicks arse.Hitomi is such a sweet Bio-roid. I own this movie and have always thought these two were slashable, so here it is. Poor Hitomi gets sick and can die if she doesn't go in for regeneration and she cuts it close here, but revives just in time to give her heroine a nice welcome back after Deunan saves the day. That's the kind of action-packed yuri movie I like to see!
(Ok, disclaimer that they are not a couple in the movie, just my version of it, lol. Don't go running to the store!) I think I feel a fanfic coming on about these two....



AMV: Breaking
Sometimes, in order to fulfill our life destiny, we must leave behind the things we love. Even if it is something that is comfortable, intimate, and sustaining, it may not be enough. We must follow the path laid out for us. This is what happens to Saya and Kaori. Saya must answer to something larger than just the two of them together, and in the end she must leave Kaori. Although some people may hate Saya for it, I admire her strength. We all have to take our journeys in life, so treasure the moments you have with those you love. I chose the title because in breaking, we may find ourselves stronger than before. So for those that are going through such a time, have faith. You will emerge anew.
I am not recommending this anime, it is too bloody. I just snagged out the lovely yuri from it.


AMV: All I Really Wanted
This is from the series Maria Sama ga Miteru. It's about Sachiko and her relationship with Yumi. Sachiko is an interesting character. She's never really experienced much of the world- due to her wealth, most things have been done for her (see the opening shot where she doesn't even think to close a car door). From outward appearances, she has it all: the mansion, the money, the handsome fiancee, a powerful position at school. But is that what she really wants, or is that just her walking within the gates of tradition? If she breaks out, what happens then? With Yumi's delightful inablilty to hide anything, the whole school will find out, and Sachiko's shame would be on two fronts. Is love worth it? See it all play out when you watch this AMV!


AMV: Used
Ichika has the kind of red eye that Visine won't get out...and Manatsu has something to do with it. Used is the title of this AMV as that is what happens to these two. If you like strong coffee or dark, angsty yuri, then grab this one. Taken from the Uta Kata series but done in the way it should have been! Far more interesting than the show ever was, trust me. The lessons learned here: 1) Never let a strange chick shack up with you. 2) Buy your jewelry new. You never know where that used stuff has been..... (note: these two are in my home page animated gif)


"Maybe" is the perfect description for this AMV. This is definitely an AMV where you do not need to know the show or the characters. I've made my own story with it and anyone can follow along. I'll bet everyone that watches it is going to go running over to the fanfic section to see what happens with April and Feb in my story Return to Dreams.


I never really wanted to do an Utena AMV, because so many have been done already. But an unhappy event in my life (see my blog) provided the inspiration for this AMV. If you are wary of spoilers, stay away. This is told from Anthy's point of view. Some people may think she doesn't have a lot of character but this is how I see her- as someone who has all but given up hope over her situation, and the guilt she feels keeps her bound to her brother. He's the only family she's got; and that is better than nothing at all, until Utena shows up and changes her world, causing her to leave it for good. The lyrics are perfect for this. You can look at them in my blog.



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