AMV's are the main reason I started this site. Obviously I like to make them. Each AMV is inspired by the music first, and the scenes fall into place around it.
Most of the footage used comes from my own DVD's or raws. No subtitles here! Right-click to download.
If you need help finding raws, let me know. Downloading AMV's from me and then reposting them as your own (see this example) is both lazy and unoriginal. AMV's should be a true personal statement, not merely recycling the work of others. Sorry to sound mean, but really making AMV's is a lot of work; I've written a section on how to make them, and I always help people who e-mail me. Make the effort!
Update: I am now watermarking all my AMV's- it will be interesting to see how many of them show up in the future.... and how many people claim they ripped that double "bb" off their DVD's lol.


AMV: Gone
Leave it to me to give this old anime dignity it certainly doesn't deserve- I really just liked the music and needed something short to go along with it. The AMV is serious but the anime truly is not. Spare yourself from watching Princess Minerva and go play in a bowl of jello or something more memorable to pass your time.! 6-14-09


AMV: Diary of Change
When you strip away the goofiness from Kashimashi, what you have is actually a much more somber story. Change is usually painful- what do you gain, and what do you lose? (12-23-08)


AMV: Make up Noir Mind
Maybe, maybe not- maybe we should just stare at each other- maybe we should just kill each other- Make Up Noir Mind! This is a weird one- I liked the song, so Mireille and Kirika were forced to suffer through this AMV. Hopefully your watching it will not be as painful, but no promises! (7-30-08)


AMV: Cherish Nana
Cherish the name, Nana. I think the song explains everything, so I won't bother. (5-7-08)


AMV: Devotion
I really like this song, and by chance just happened across this short OVA. I liked how the characters grew on each other, and how the Murder Princess turned out to have a heart after all. I think she'll be happy protecting the Kingdom forever more, as long as Milano is there. (3-27-08)


AMV: Won and Lost
I had started this AMV back in October, before things got so hectic in RL, and got a day to finish it up recently- sorry for the rush job on it, and hope you forgive the fact it's 66 megs. Let's see if you can figure out the story here. I used both Ikki Tousen and Kannazuki no Miko to make this one. Enjoy! (1-08)


AMV: Meow Malarky
There probably aren't too many Tsukikage Ran fans out there, which is a shame, because this is a light-hearted series that I really enjoyed. So here's a little AMV of Meow and Ran- Meow, in addition to being fond of Ran, is also fond of finding trouble. Ran, on the other hand, just wants to find herself some good sake. After watching this, is it any wonder Ran drinks? This is my first attempt at humor- enjoy! (9-07)


From the AMV Yuri Tears


AMV: Yuri Tears
I love the song far more than the anime itself, but I have to admit the tension and fighting between the older Jubei and Freesia is true eye candy, so they got to star in my latest AMV. They should have just dropped the last DVD in the Jubei Chan 2 series because it got dull once they made up. I didn't watermark this one as it's to be entered into Yurisai. Please don't steal, thanks! (July 07)


AMV: Pianobuden
Just a little sweet tribute to Shinobu and her love for Kaede. From the goofy anime Shinobuden, which is known here in the USA as Ninja Nonsense . (June 2007)


AMV: Kaleido Dream
This AMV was inspired by Apprentice Celt (I've never seen the show) so here's what she had to say about it: The AMV is about the awakening of the relationship between Sora and Layla. Plus she thinks Layla is hot (she has a thing for blondes, lol). From the series Kaleido Star. (3-11-07) 62 megs!


AMV: Never Mine
Never covet that which doesn't belong to you- and doesn't even belong in your world. In the end, you will be left alone. At least that's the cheery message sent by the schlime that was Yami to boushi to hon no tabibito. Hatsumi was never yours, Hatsuki. Good thing you learned to cry as a child... (2-14-07)


AMV: Yuri Holidays
What more can I say? Happy Yuri Holidays everyone! May yours be filled with peace and love! (12-06)


AMV: Someone like Yumi
This is from the OVA, and since I'm such a Sachiko/Yumi junkie, I couldn't resist. Now if the OVA about their wedding would just come out... (December 2006)


AMV: Protect Me
What is most precious to you? For Kurau, it's Christmas, and she'll do anything to protect her. The two of them are a Rynax "pair". (This will not make sense unless you see the show). It's a shame that ADV licensed this anime so quickly and then let it rot in the dumpster, because it really was good, and few people got to enjoy it. It's been two years already, come on ADV! (November 06)


AMV: Swept Away
Ulitmately trapped in two different worlds...although I used the anime Shamanic Princess for this, I would love to re-write the whole thing in an AU for Sara and Tiara. Tiara tried so hard to find and save her, and I think Sara cared far more for Tiara than she ever dared to show (except when she was in the form of Lena and whispered in Tiara's ear that she was in love with her). Ah well, one of these days, when I have nothing else to the meantime, watch it and make up your own story for these two. (October 06)


AMV: My Pain
Ah, Natsuki. Living proof that to be an object of desire is not always a positive depends on what people desire to do to you...and by this I mean Shizuru as well as Nao.
A little note: this AMV was a total rush job. I wish I had more time to tweak the little nasty spots (and I still might upon my return) but time just ran out on me, as usual. I hope you like it anyway! (August 2006)


AMV: Yuripendence
Well, this is probably the most meaningless AMV I've ever done. Just goes to show that I probably should have done something else with my day off on July 4th! Instead, I wondered what would happen if I found a song with "independence" in it and tossed in Yuri. Poor thing, she never knew what hit her. Or Kei, for that matter, because they're not really a couple. I like Dirty Pair Flash because it's got some laugh-out-loud moments, and is one of the very few anime that I can watch the dub without puking. Like I said, this was done in a day, so forgive me and hopefully it will still put a smile on your face. (July 2006)


AMV: Goodbye
This is one of my rare "group" AMV's- four shows, to be exact. There are spoilers here so if such things unnerve you, then pass on this one. I used Noir, Read or Die, Sol Bianca, and Devil Lady to make the AMV. For those who love angst, you will revel in this. I used each of these for a specific reason or theme: in Noir, Mireille doesn't realize what Kirika means to her till it's almost too late; in Read or Die, Nancy, who is far more mature than Yomiko, realizes she's on a dead-end street. I felt sort of sorry for Nancy, knowing things would not work out in the end. In Sol Bianca, April essentially falls apart after Feb leaves. (But it was her own fault that she left). And in Devil Lady...Jun didn't learn of her love for Kazumi until the rather bitter end. More details may be found in my blog, for those interested. (May 06)


This AMV, Journey of Love, has a little catch. You have to read the story first before downloading it. To do so, go here so you can read and download. And no, I'm not writing out the story in longer form. I've got too many other ones going on already! (April 2006)


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