Before downloading and watching, please read the story first, as I have used the anime for my story (unfortunately it seems I cannot afford my own animation studio and therefore must use the work of others- how I wish it weren't so!)

Journey of Love


Once upon a time, when there were dwellers of the land, sea, and air, there was a princess who lived in a castle in the sky. Although the sky seemed endless, the power of the throne gave rise to greed and her kingdom was attacked. She asked for the bravest warrior to lead her into battle. The warrior was brave and bold, yet kind and gentle with the princess. The warrior helped her to win the battle and was declared a hero across the skies in great celebration. But the warrior did more than claim victory: she won the heart of the princess herself. The princess asked her to wait for her and gave her a royal sky chariot. She told her when the bells rang out for the sky chariot, it meant she had returned.
With a royal escort, the princess travelled to the land dwellers, to the kingdom where she was betrothed. She broke the engagement. Shunned by the people and cast into shame, she left her escort and travelled the long journey back home. Patience was her virtue and her memories sustained her as she made her journey.
Upon arriving home, it was clear she could not stay. The next morning she dressed as a princess for the last time. She asked that the chariot bells be rung; when the chariot arrived, she came out onto the flight deck, aware that all eyes were upon her. The princess knew that once she crossed the flightline, she could not return. She looked back one last time- before leaving for her new life.


And now, you can watch the AMV, Journey. Thanks for reading!