Welcome to the gallery! In here you'll find various manga, doujinshi, art books and whatever else I've got laying around. I may also do some screencaps if I have time. Be warned, for some of them I've put in my own captions- you will be subject to my rather warped humor!
I'm not scanning in entire mangas, books, or anything else. I'm posting some stuff I like. If you like it, I suggest you buy it. Feed the artists so they can make more yuri!


2X2 Shinobuden (also published as Ninin ga Shinobuden in the USA). Manga volume 1 and 2 scans.


Battle Athletes- Here are some scans from the Legend of Cosmo Beauty book! (4-29-06)


Chirality- I have a good number of these, so I will be scanning some of my favorite yuri moments.
(Updated 11-1-06 with new scans). Enjoy!


Kannazuki no Miko- I don't like wimpy girls or mecha so it was a pain for me to watch this series (I am looking at you, Himeko). At any rate, it does have lots of "moments" in the show so I've started a screencaps gallery here. (1-1-08)


Kiddy Grade- Ah, the only series that was capable of both "meh" and "wtf!", so it merits some sort of inclusion here. This is just the beginning, stuff from the DVD's you've probably already seen, and a few pics from a doujin I have. (4-22-07)


Maria Sama ga Miteru- Hideous green dresses, ambigious religion, and yuri! No wonder so many people love this show- something for everyone! OVA season 3 screenies now up. (9-4-07)


Maze- It's not all that good, and not all that yuri...it's Maze. When I was in Japan, I picked up the manga for $1 each, so it was hard for me to feel cheated at that price. Anyway, here are some scans for you. (added 2-14-07)


Miyuki-Chan in Wonderland- The best thing about the manga is that it lacks the chintzy, almost-porn soundtrack of the anime. At any rate, here are some scans for those that like to be teased. (4-22-07)


Murder Princess- Gotta love a tough blonde, especially since I'm such a wimpy one myself! 7-30-08


Nana- Hey, even semi-straight girls can have their precious moments together... (6-4-07)


Otome/Mai Hime/My Hime/ My God when are they going to stop milking this thing? Hopefully not anytime soon- I'll admit it, I like Natsuki. So here are some scans of some pencil boards I bought. I've got volume 5 of the manga and I will be putting up scans from that too. (updated 9-4-06)


Najica- What a goof I am, to read the manga. But it has a better ending than the show- take a look for yourself! I'm putting up some of my fave scenes here.


Devilman Lady- below are some pix from the manga. Seems like Asuka cared more for Jun in the manga than the show. Excuse me for taking liberties with some of them and putting in my own captions! (The color picture you see here is from the show).

pic 1 pic 2 pic 3 pic 4 pic 5 pic 6 (sweet!)


Sol Bianca: Not that anyone cares, because this series is not that well-known, but here's some stuff anyway. Click here.


Strawberry Panic- It's girl-love galore in this one, and I've got a lot of material that I'll be putting up on it- in increments, because I can only take small doses at a time of this one! 7-30-08

Tetragrammaton Labyrinth- An immortal loli, a nun with unspeakable sin...sounds like a match made in heaven, lol. Or this bloody manga, so just repent and check it out! 6-14-09

Utena- I've got several doujinshi, the first two I have scanned. Take a look- I've got some Juri/Shiori pics in there too! (5-14-06)

Yami to Bōshi to Hon no Tabibito
- This series gets about as much respect as a one-night stand. If you've watched it you know what I mean. If not, spare yourself and indulge in the screencaps! (03-08)