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Otakon 2007 Pictures OMGZ not again ....


Otakon 2006 pictures are here! Revel in the ridicule!


I didn't know where else to put this...maybe it should go in the regular section- but this is the only non-anime music video I've done. It's an IMV- Indian Music Video! And of course it's yuri- check it out here.

4-5-06: Just added- my take on AMV making here. And my personal stuff for nosy people here (aw c'mon, you know you want to read the dirt, lol).



This is in response to people asking me about series I like, would suggest, pairings, etc. Of course this list is nothing more than my utterly biased/self-centered/wishful thinking, but then that's what most Christmas lists are too, lol. So without further ado, here's the beginning of my list, replete with comments!

Pairing: Madlax and Vanessa Anime: Madlax Comments: They just fit so well together, like a lovely pair of red shoes...Yuri Taluda!

Pairing: Sachiko and Yumi Anime: Maria Sama ga Miteru Comments: Sachiko- so uptight. Yumi- so insecure. May they live dysfunctionally ever after....

Pairing: Mireille and Kirika Anime: Noir Comments: The guns, the mystery, the...staring. The little shared bed, the "destined to be together by fate". Mail it in, they're stuck together. But somehow I don't think they're all that unhappy about it.

Pairing: Utena and Anthy Anime: Utena Comments: Movie, series, whatever. Same story. What's the word I'm looking for here to describe all this....Magical Girl? Rose Bride? Prince? Lesbian- that's it, lesbian! And so the lesbians lived happily ever after. A Yurytale, my favorite kind of story :)

More to come! Stay tuned!